Promise to Be There when They Need You

I thought that it was really sweet that my husband started to go and call us every night when he was away at work. We have three kids and I get to stay home with the baby because my husband works all over and I get to stay home as a result of his work schedule. He said that he wanted to go and get at least one CCTV IP camera that he could use to keep an eye on the house. I thought that he meant the inside of the house and while I do love my husband, I thought that it would be weird to know that someone could be watching me at any point in the day. Continue reading “Promise to Be There when They Need You”

A Great Way to Help with the Pain

After getting out of the hospital I wanted to find alternative methods for helping with pain. I did a search online for San Jose car accident chiropractor. Being in a car accident was the last thing I had time for in my life. I am a very busy mother and wife and I also work a full time job, so I don’t have a lot of free time. I was on my way to the office after dropping off the kids at school and then I was hit from behind. I knew I was hurt when I woke up in a hospital. At first I had to take a lot of medication to get through the day, after being in the hospital for two weeks.

I really hated the way I felt on the medication to. Continue reading “A Great Way to Help with the Pain”