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Party Buses Are Much More Comfortable Than the Biggest Stretch Limo

Do you know what a crab crawl is? It is when you are on your back with your arms and legs supporting you as you try to crawl along the floor. It is not easy to do, but I found myself doing that trying to get into a limo I with family. It was a bit embarrassing. I got twisted around trying to move the last couple of feet to my seat toward the front of the limo, and I ended up crab crawling. I remembered that and went to a website to find a better limo when our daughter was getting married.

I was attending a dinner that my mother-in-law had scheduled for family. It was at the restaurant of a business associate of hers. She rented a stretch limo to get us all there and back. It was really fun riding in the limo, and the dinner was fantastic.