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I Am Ready to Go Back to Work

Like anyone else I complain about going to work every day and wish that I could do what I want to do instead. In the morning I would like to lay in bed and have no alarm ruling my coming and going. After a couple of weeks of visiting a chiropractor in Sacramento and every sort of doctor under the sun I would much rather be going to work. In no time flat I am going to start to miss the paycheck too. That is going to be a really big deal, especially if the insurance company continues to act like my claim is a really minor thing to them.


We Went Hiking This Weekend

Jean and I went on a nice hiking trip this weekend. It was really nice for the most part, but right at the end we ran into this really severe storm. As usual when something like that happens we were not in a great place for it, in fact we were only a really steep and treacherous part of the trail. It was not that far back to the truck, so we took off running and I slipped. My back got hurt, but I knew a good Cumming chiropractor and I was able to get him to fix it pretty quickly. Of course Jean made me take my clothes off and throw them in the bed of her truck. She had a blanket in the back and so she drove me back home with me sitting there naked except for that blanket.


My Son Got into a Lot of Trouble

My son was running around with the wrong crowd. I tried to talk sense into him, but he was in a very rebellious stage. When he was 16 years old, he was arrested because he was with them when they beat several people so badly that one of them was in a medically induced coma for nearly a week. I was so frightened for him, because I knew that this could ruin his life if he was convicted on these very serious charges. The only thing I knew to do was to contact a reputable Sacramento criminal attorney who would hopefully be able to help us with these charges.

The one thing my son had going for him was that there were witnesses that told the police that he was not involved in the actual beatings. He was part of the egging on of the fight though, and he did drive two of the boys who were guilty to our house to hide from the police.


My Daughter is No Longer Afraid of the Dentist

My daughter learned to be afraid of dentists because of one that we had gone to about a year ago. I have tried finding her a new one, but she has not liked the last two that we went to for her to get a cleaning. It felt like I was putting her in a torture chamber, and that made me feel so bad. She was due for another cleaning, and I was not willing to sacrifice something so important just so she would not have to go through that again. Instead, I did a search for dentist in Fremont, hoping I would be able to find one that would be able to help her get over her fear of dentists.