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Have You Ever Considered Just How Big the Agricultural Industry Is?

Agricultural products are a huge industry. I wonder how many people actually think about how their food is grown. I wonder if they consider the other things that are not as obvious, such as the seed industry, or even how a calcium carbonate grinding mill is used to make agricultural lime. You take big limestones and grind them down into a powder that can be applied as a soil amendment over thousands of acres. These giant mill facilities are big like petroleum and still facilities. The seed industry is huge, and is actually even scary to some people. They are concerned about GMO seeds and the patents that are on them. There are stories of farmers having issues with seed companies that sell patented seeds and where the neighboring farms do not use them. The seed makers have contended that wind drift has allowed some neighboring farms to profit using their GMO patents without paying for it. The farmers say they do not want those plants growing on their farms. Big industry with big issues.

I think about how we would not be able to grow enough food to even just eat if their were not the big farms we have now. Take the corn crop for instance. It is used to make everything from animal feed to corn on the cob and even biofuels. There are different types of corn including popcorn. There is corn syrup that is in just about everything, and plants are used in the making of everything else from packaging to chemicals we use. Without the mega farms, we would probably not have enough corn and grains to even just eat. Plus, America feeds a large part of the world. We export grain to keep people from starving. The Breadbasket of the Midwest is valuable to people from Pittsburgh to Russia. I have thought that one of the reasons we have not been under threat of war was because we feed a lot of the people who are mad at us!

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