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I Am Ready to Go Back to Work

Like anyone else I complain about going to work every day and wish that I could do what I want to do instead. In the morning I would like to lay in bed and have no alarm ruling my coming and going. After a couple of weeks of visiting a chiropractor in Sacramento and every sort of doctor under the sun I would much rather be going to work. In no time flat I am going to start to miss the paycheck too. That is going to be a really big deal, especially if the insurance company continues to act like my claim is a really minor thing to them. They have their own priorities and it does not seem like I am one of them, although I am pretty sure that they will eventually get around to what they are going to pay me. It is not likely to be what I think is fair however. That seems to be obvious from the vibe that they are giving me. It was pretty obvious that they want to make me take a low offer.

In fact I am really bored and pretty mad at that guy who hit me, especially since the jerk ran off. It was kind of funny when you saw it to be honest. It turned out that he had no driver's license and no insurance, nor was he supposed to be driving that car. At least the girl who owned the car did not admit to having lent it to him. She might have been just as mad at him as I was. I assume that she really would be mad if she knew he hit me because he was checking out a bunch of girls who had just walked out of this shop on that intersection.

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