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It’s Not a Big Deal to Order Nice Business Cards at All

I was recently promoted to office manager at the place where I work now. This made me really happy because he previously hired only people who have a college degree to fill that position. But I have been with the company for 5 years, and he said he knows I can handle the work. I really hoped that he was right. The first task he gave me was to find business cards in Brisbane that are better than the ones our employees use now.

The situation was that the last office manager ordered boxes of thousands of cards for everyone to use without really checking out the company she was ordering from. When the cards arrived, they had two errors on them in the way of one of the digits of our phone number being off and our street name was printed as "road" instead of avenue."

I figured that it would not be hard to find a reliable company, and that turned out to be true. I spent time looking at reviews from other customers online to see which company people seemed to like best. When I found a company that looked trustworthy, I visited their site to learn more about them and what they had to offer in the way of quality and pricing.

My boss sauntered by as I was looking all of this information up and said he wanted me to order a box for myself. This meant that it would be my very first time having business cards of my own, which made me even more excited about ordering something that looked good and was budget-friendly. In addition, it was my first task as the new office manager and I needed to get it right. After learning about the different types of card stock, colors and things like that I ordered the new cards. They showed up looking great, and there were no problems with them.

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