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My Daughter is No Longer Afraid of the Dentist

My daughter learned to be afraid of dentists because of one that we had gone to about a year ago. I have tried finding her a new one, but she has not liked the last two that we went to for her to get a cleaning. It felt like I was putting her in a torture chamber, and that made me feel so bad. She was due for another cleaning, and I was not willing to sacrifice something so important just so she would not have to go through that again. Instead, I did a search for dentist in Fremont, hoping I would be able to find one that would be able to help her get over her fear of dentists.

That is how I found Mission Peak Dental Care. I read through their website and looked at the pictures that they have on there, and it just looked really comfortable to me. I understand they are not going to put pictures on there of screaming children, but even their words made it seem like they are in the dental business for the right reason. I made an appointment for my daughter, and I explained to the receptionist how afraid my daughter is of the dentist.

When we got there, it was obvious that the message of her fear was relayed to the dental hygienist and her assistant. Even before they started cleaning my daughter's teeth, they had her laughing at some really corny jokes. They explained everything they were doing, and they made her feel like she was the one in control of the entire situation. Before we knew it, the cleaning was done, and the dentist gave her top marks after her quick exam. Needless to say, this is where my entire family will be going from now on!

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