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My Son Got into a Lot of Trouble

My son was running around with the wrong crowd. I tried to talk sense into him, but he was in a very rebellious stage. When he was 16 years old, he was arrested because he was with them when they beat several people so badly that one of them was in a medically induced coma for nearly a week. I was so frightened for him, because I knew that this could ruin his life if he was convicted on these very serious charges. The only thing I knew to do was to contact a reputable Sacramento criminal attorney who would hopefully be able to help us with these charges.

The one thing my son had going for him was that there were witnesses that told the police that he was not involved in the actual beatings. He was part of the egging on of the fight though, and he did drive two of the boys who were guilty to our house to hide from the police. While I was happy that he was not part of the crew that took joy in hurting the others, I still knew that these were very serious charges that would require some kind of punishment.

I just did not want stupid mistakes of his youth to dictate the rest of his life. The attorney that we hired came highly recommended, and I can see why he did. He was able to get a plea deal for my son, which did involve probation as well as community service. I was actually thankful that he did not get off with just a warning, because this is what it took to scare him straight. He has been a different person since that happened. Part of his community service is helping the less fortunate, and that has really changed him too. He wants to go to college now for social work. This would not have been possible without the expertise of our attorney!

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