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We Went Hiking This Weekend

Jean and I went on a nice hiking trip this weekend. It was really nice for the most part, but right at the end we ran into this really severe storm. As usual when something like that happens we were not in a great place for it, in fact we were only a really steep and treacherous part of the trail. It was not that far back to the truck, so we took off running and I slipped. My back got hurt, but I knew a good Cumming chiropractor and I was able to get him to fix it pretty quickly. Of course Jean made me take my clothes off and throw them in the bed of her truck. She had a blanket in the back and so she drove me back home with me sitting there naked except for that blanket. In fact I probably would have done the same to her, because my clothes were absolutely covered in mud and her truck still has the new car smell. She is still in the stage where she will not allow other people to eat in it, although we both know that does not apply to her.

At any rate we got home and fixed up the little cuts and bruises that I had. For the most part they were not a big deal, but on my lower back there was a really big bruise and it began to swell up. I put a glad bag full of ice on it, then I alternated heat and ice for the rest of the night. That probably did some good, but when I woke up the next morning I knew that I was going to have to get something done about it. So I called up the chiropractor and he managed to squeeze me in.

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